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Equipment Cable Assembly

Product Specification
Part Name Cable Assembly Feature Industry equipment connect

Equipment Cable Assembly

Tongheng Electronics manufactures a full lineof equipment cable assembly for various commercial and industrial applications.We specialize in equipment cable assembly and have manufacture lines processingcable fabrication. We can manufacture both standard and custom equipment cableassembly.

Equipment cable assembly specification:

  • Manufacture P/N: EQP-THxxxx (series number)

  • 16AWG through 28AWG insulated conductors.

  • Quality polyvinyl chloride PVC sheathed.

  • Assembly color: grey.

Application for equipment cable assembly:

  • Industrial manufacture equipment.

  • Electrical machinery.

  • Electric cabinet power supply.

  • Heavy duty machine data connect.

Equipment cable assembly type:

  • Reference standard: UL, CSA, CE.

  • Rated voltage: 30V.

  • Rated temperature: 80°C

  • Compliant with RoHS.

Part NameEnd 1End 2Assembly Length (meter)Standard Package (pcs)
8-pin ConnRJ45 Plug0.8001,200
8-pin ConnRJ45 Plug1.0001,000
8-pin ConnRJ45 Plug1.500800
8-pin ConnRJ45 Plug1.800700
8-pin ConnRJ45 Plug2.000600
8-pin ConnRJ45 Plug2.500500
8-pin ConnRJ45 Plug3.000400
8-pin ConnRJ45 Plug4.000300
8-pin ConnRJ45 Plug5.000200
10-pin ConnRJ50 Plug0.8001,200
10-pin ConnRJ50 Plug1.0001,000
10-pin ConnRJ50 Plug1.500800
10-pin ConnRJ50 Plug1.800700
10-pin ConnRJ50 Plug2.000600
10-pin ConnRJ50 Plug2.500500
10-pin ConnRJ50 Plug3.000400
10-pin ConnRJ50 Plug4.000300
10-pin ConnRJ50 Plug5.000200

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