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Spiral Cable

Spiral Cable

Spiral Cable ideal for industry

Customized Spiral Cable
Tailored exact cable spec per request
2P Spiral Cable
2-pin cable, black+red
Waterproof Spiral Cable
Excellent Waterproof Performance
Flexible Spiral Cable
Wonderful spring resilience
UL20233 Spiral Cable
Standard UL safety marked
Halogen Free Spiral Cable
LSZH compliant and UV resistant
TPU Spiral Cable
Highly elastic with long flex life
Medical Spiral Cable
8 cores with foil shield screened
Cable Assembly

Cable Assembly

Spiral Cable ideal for industry

64P TE Cable Assembly
64-pin TE connector terminated
CAT6 Patch Cord
CL2 and CL3 rated
Printer Cable Assembly
USB Type-A to USB Type-B
HDMI Cable Assembly
Precision fabricated
Curly Cord

Curly Cord

Spiral Cable ideal for industry

Wire Harness
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